Art of Hosting

Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that matter, as it is called in full or AoH for short, is a basket of methods that are an eerie treasure, one sees oneself in the role of host or organizer of meetings, conferences, summits and many other formats More. It is always about people exchanging ideas and working with each other, learning from each other. It is not for nothing, for example, that the Festspielhaus Bregenz, as a renowned and award-winning congress and venue, carries the claim: »The Art of Hosting".

In Bregenz the annual AoH training takes place again these days. For almost ten years now, the Office for Future Questions has been inviting newcomers to this intensive week, where newcomers exchange ideas with the old hares of the AoH scene, relearn hosting methods, refresh them or pass on the know-how. More about AoH can be found here.

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