Update 03/19

A lot of exciting things are happening to me right now. Here is a brief insight

: In February, the members of the Filmwerk Vorarlberg gave me their trust and elected me as their chairman. In the Board of Management, we rely on open communication and dialogue. In the near future, our exam will also clarify what we will focus on in 2019 and 2020. The film work also wants to open up more and more to new members. The Filmwerk.statt is a good opportunity to seek contact, but you can also get in touch with us at the regular table every first Monday of the month. We also want to be open to »related trades", i.e. everything about film &music. There are also ideas about film funding and a good basis for discussion with the political representatives. It is with great pleasure to represent the concerns of the colleagues to the outside world and to stand up for their work.

Regarding my lover Dynamic Facilitation there is also news:

I have set up a regular exercise group. Every last Thursday of the month, an open practice evening for interested parties, future and long-serving "DFer" takes place in the Vielfeld in Lochau (A). The first date is 23.3.2019 at 19.30-22:00. Learn more on Meetup and in the Facebook group.

And another great news from the Dynamic Facilitation World: On 14.5. Jim Rough comes to Munich and holds an Advanced Dynamic Facilitation Seminar.

What else is there? Oh yes: In Santa Cruz, the citizens decided to start a Wisdom Council Process – that is, the application of the Citizens' Council at regular intervals. On 14.7. and 15.7. is the next round. My plan there is to collect a little material for my film about Dynamic Facilitation and so to tell an inclusive story about this process…

In addition, other projects keep me on my toes and that is a good thing. The community communication project, for example, or a Creative Insight Council process in a school. In addition, I have a media platform for inclusive stories in the planning and my script for »In the Land of Easy Opportunities".

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