About Dynamic Facilitation, Choice Creating and the Wisdom Council

Jim Rough has shaped the core of Dynamic Facilitation with the Choice Creating approach. In the Wisdom Council, he has developed another form of application that allows dynamic facilitation to be scaled for any large groups.

Jim Rough has taken the Choice Creating approach the core of Dynamic Facilitation. In the Wisdom Council, he has a further form of application, which makes it possible to develop Dynamic Facilitation for scale any large groups.

Let's say Dynamic Facilitation is our Operating system. Then Choice Creating a state of maximum collective creativity, which we use with the help of Dynamic facilitation. The Wisdom Council process is once again a Application example of systems undergoing sustainable change Can.

Under Choice Creating that translates very poorly into German is understood by that conversation in which thoughts revolve and build on each other one after the other. It comes to a point where a person in the room, what wants to be formulated: a solution, by all comprehensible to all, relevant to all and therefore meaningful. In difference to a decision for something and away from something else this solution arises generatively from the middle of the round. In addition, it is produced in Unanimity.

Attempting to translate Choice Creating I would nevertheless like to take this opportunity to take this opportunity. The concept of choice because the choice between options is in the foreground here. Instead of "yes, but…" we hear a choice-creative conversation "yes exactly, and…". Thus, the other's argument is not attenuated, by making a counter-argument. Rather, the contributions build on each other and thus enable joint work on a solution.

"Choice" corresponds in its root of words to the most likely the German word Kür. So these are solutions that have been chosen and this from our deepest creative power – with Creativity, hence: Choice Creating. Since "Creative-Küren" is not necessarily easily off the lips and possibly with our interlocutors for incomprehension, I would like to take this other perspective on Choice Creating Offer.

The first phase of a Dynamic Facilitation session is the phase of "cleansing" (purge). There will be all great emotions, such as anger, frustration, discouragement and fear and on the flipcharts for all visibly noted. If a group has left this step behind, then after a moment of silence, it can be a conversation in the sense of choice Creating come. The Dynamic Facilitator then sets its previous activities of empathetic listening, paraphrasing and mirroring as well as the co-writing and allows the conversation to be participants. Now the thoughts are circling. This space, in which it is easy to can be said without being evaluated, in which a thought next, this space of easy possibilities, that is Choice Creating.

Wisdom Council process

Behind the idea of the Wisdom Council process is the idea of a system iterative to undergo a process of change so that this can also be change for people. The wisdom council formats (Citizens' Council) and Creative Insight Council allow participation on all levels and can be used in companies, organisations, a community, municipalities or regions, even at the level of entire nations.

For civic participation, the Wisdom Council a format that allows a municipality or an entire country to select a randomly selected group of citizens to attend one of the major social issues. In its original form, the question of the group.

The Creative Insight Council a pre-formulated question in the process. Whether Creative Insight Council or Wisdom Council, both formats are moderated with Dynamic Facilitation. In both formats, a group is working on the solution of seemingly intractable problems – the so-called "Wicked Problems".

The idea of the Wisdom Council process says that a system will only gradually become sustainable for the benefit of citizens change to citizens if this form of citizen participation is time and again.

In commercial enterprises, too, the Wisdom Council. A company thus operates active resilience work, as the changes in the market are constantly being involvement of its own workforce and thus establishes it in a crisis-proof manner.

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