Markus Götsch

Communication designer, management consultant / media
tor, DFA certified Dynamic Facilitation Instructor.

Markus Götsch is a member of the Center for Wise Democracy ( and Dynamic Facilitation Associate (, as well as in the core team of Dynamic Facilitation e.V ( and board member of the Filmwerk Vorarlberg (

After his studies in media communication design, (InterMedia) and one year as a research assistant at the FH-Vorarlberg brought him the production-technical structure of the participatory TV project Okto back to his native Vienna. Parallel to his work at Okto, he continued his academic career with a master's degree in TV and film production continues.

From 2010 he turned his back on Vienna. Back in Vorarlberg again waited for a task to carry out construction work. This time as Authorized representative for the film and communication agency Medienzoo. 

In the more than 10 years in the TV and film industry, consistently in management positions – he was mainly employed by group dynamic processes, questions of leadership and, with it, the meaningful Elements of work. Through a film documentary for the Vorarlberg office for Future issues, he first came up with the transformative Moderation method Dynamic Facilitation in contact.  It should then be it will take another seven years for him to join Jim Rough, the inventor of by Dynamic Facilitation, a two-year trainee program for Dynamic Facilitation Instructor. 

Today, Götsch is a mediator (according to the requirements of the Austrian Civil Law Mediation Act) and management consultants in the organizational development and combines the information in this work emerging stories with the media implementation in the form of film and digital narratives.

Whether in organisations, small businesses or in the close proximity – designing participation processes is one of its Favorite tasks. In addition to methods from the Art of Hosting such as Open Space, Design for Wiser Action or World Café, he relies on elements from the Mediation and above all the already mentioned Dynamic Facilitation.

– Creative Insight Councils with Dynamic Facilitation
– Renewal processes with citizens' councils with Dynamic Facilitation
– Ideas mature with project forgeries
– prepare the floor for participation with narrative cafés
– working on upcoming questions in the team: Open Space

Until autumn 2019, Götsch also conducted research at the FH Vorarlberg in the project »Community Communication in the 21st century".

With his work, he supports people in crises, conflicts and in case of intricate problems, these situations on their own initiative and by virtue of their own creativity. If this is done in groups, the always a meaningful narrative about the common future. These future stories are the namesake stake for Markus Götsch's company "Narrative".

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