Works train box Bürgerrat – Part 2

Co-authors: Fayegail Bisaccia, Susan Edwards, DeAnna Martin, Joseph McCormick, Sandra Mueller, Joseph McCormick, Jean Rough; Shortened, supplemented and translated by Markus Götsch.

The Ten Principles of a Citizens' Council

1. The Citizens' Council is a microcosm randomly selected persons. Everyone speaks only for himself.

2nd. The Citizens' Council has the power to address the issues and formulate the information he handles. Since the citizens' council, which was drawn by chance, for all people, there is no higher authority to enforce issues Can. (However, there is a possibility of asking an initial question)

3rd. Members are provided by a lottery, selected by chance. In this way, new citizens' councils can be drawn from the voter evidence.

4. No one is to be at a citizen's council Participate.

5. The results do not give rise to any claim implementation. The Citizens' Council merely presents its conclusions and then dissolves again.

6. There is equal opportunities. Each*r can invited by chance to a citizens' council.

7. The Citizens' Council is awarded with Dynamic Facilitation Moderated. Dynamic Facilitation ensures that everyone is protected, including and especially when controversial issues are raised. Injuries, anger and Frustration turns into positive solution energy. This change is leading to new Pictures of a common future.

8. The Citizens' Council presents solutions, which are not based on compromise, but have been developed in unity. This highest level of consensus meets recognition in the rest of the population from which the random selection of the Citizens' Council was drawn.

9. The results will be published in a public event presented.

10. On when the Citizens' Council dissolved in the two days, a change was initiated.

Unique features of a citizens' council

The Citizens' Council is a symbol. Many People wonder how such a small group has a sense of participation for can generate all in a large system. The key to understanding is the realization that this group is a symbol of the population. This is no survey in which we apply statistical concepts. In this process, the population can identify with the Büregrrat. Over time all political groups and demographics are drawn proportionally in the Citizens' Council to become. The Citizens' Council is free to set the agenda according to its own set ideas. This is not the case with a jury members have a specific theme and a limited selection of decision-making options are available. Here, the Citizens' Council elects and discuss it in depth.

The Citizens' Council is structured in such a way that it oriented towards possibilities for solutions rather than decisions. At the Citizens' Council this room is called Choice-Creating. The moderator is the key to a high-quality dialogue. Decision-making can be considered as the normal Yes/no vote, to which we are accustomed in politics.

Choice-Creating takes place where people are free what is important to them, what they need and what they want. About the emotional level they thus come into contact with their needs. One step people continue to connect with their creative imagination. In intensive exchange of views and ideas will be the best way to solve Found.

The Citizens' Council is about participation, not for input. In contrast to forums, public hearings, municipal council meetings, and other political bodies are primarily concerned with the Citizens' Council to provide civic input into existing structures. This can be a result of the process, but it is not the goal.

The Citizens' Council is changing the relationship between citizens and their local decision-making bodies. The Citizens' Council creates a new awareness and a sense of responsibility within the Population. A new feeling of "we" is created. The Citizens' Council formulates solutions that eventually led to a consensus among the general public to become.

In this process, this process takes the form of new we-feeling a new (sebst) trust. If we have a consensus on achieve a common vision and act together, we can and overcoming positions, proposing new laws, especially the government to have the courage to address complex issues.

In this honest form of participation, Experience democracy from scratch and finally return to a positive experience to become.

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